How Much Time Do I Have to File a Lawsuit in a Car Accident Case?

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Lawsuit in a Car Accident Case?

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If you or your loved ones have been hurt as a result of a New Jersey car/bus/train accident, it is important to know how much time you have to file a lawsuit. Of course, first and foremost is your health. You should be seeking the proper medical care for injuries you sustained as a result of the motor vehicle accident. However, you must also be aware of legal time limitations that may affect your ability to be compensated.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in New Jersey for Personal Injury Cases?

In New Jersey, the statute of limitations for personal injuries claims is two years from the date of accident causing rise to your injury. Therefore, you have two years from the date of accident to file a lawsuit against the responsible party or parties.  This extremely important to remember because if the two year deadline passes without having filed a lawsuit, you will be forever barred from doing so.  In other words, if you sustained injuries as a result of a car/bus/train etc. accident, you will not be able to recover compensation for your damages if you failed to file suit before the two year deadline. (Of course, we are not talking about cases where suit was not filed but you were able to obtain a settlement within the two-year period).

When Is a Suit Filed in a Personal Injury Case?

Often in personal injury claims, attorneys do not file suit immediately after the happening of the accident.  This is due in part to the necessity of having proper documentation for proofs once suit is filed.  In personal injury cases, the lawsuit is filed to generally seek compensation for injuries you may have sustained.  In order to prove the nature and extent of your injuries, objective medical evidence needs to be produced.  As you may be under the care of doctors and your medical treatment is ongoing, often attorneys wait at least until there is sufficient treatment to document your injuries.

Can I Obtain Compensation Without Filing a Lawsuit?

It is possible to settle your personal injury claim without filing a lawsuit.  Once sufficient medical evidence and documentation is available and if the nature and extent of your injuries has been determined, attorneys will enter into settlement negotiations with the responsible parties and insurance company in an attempt to settle your claim.  If an agreement is reached and you agree to settle your claim for the amount offered then you don’t have to file a lawsuit.  Of course this must all take place within the two year statute of limitations period.  If an agreement cannot be reached than suit must be filed before the expiration of the two years.

Is It Better to File a Lawsuit or to Settle My Case Out of Court?

Filing a lawsuit does require costs to be incurred such as expert fees and other costs.  These costs can get expensive.  In addition, due to the large number of cases in the courts, the process can be long.  Therefore, it is beneficial to try to settle your claim without the time and expense of going to trial.  However, if the settlement amount offered is not adequate, you should be prepared to go to court.  It is very important to seek the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in court and is willing to file suit and try the case on your behalf.

What About Accidents Involving Public Employees or Entities?

If your injuries were caused as a result of the negligence of the State or Government, the legal time limitations and requirements are different.  You must file a formal notice of claim with the government or entity within ninety days (90) of the date of the accident/injury.  Then you must wait six months to file a lawsuit. If you or your loved ones have been injured as a result of a car/bus/train/motorcycle accident, it important to retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney in Jersey City who can guide you through the legal process and obtain just and fair compensation for you.  Hala Jaloudi and Callagy Law have the experience and a proven track record of obtaining results.  Our consultation is free and we will not charge legal fees unless we obtain compensation for you. Contact us today.

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