How Much is My Car Accident or Personal Injury Case Worth?

How Much is My Car Accident or Personal Injury Case Worth?

“How much is my car accident or personal injury case worth?” This is a question we, at Callagy Law, are often asked. My name is Sean Callagy, and I’m the founder of Callagy Law. I’ve been practicing law for twenty-two years in New Jersey and New York. I’ve also had the privilege of serving many clients in the world of personal injury and car accidents, as have others at Callagy Law. Before answering the question, it feels appropriate to acknowledge that no amount of money can give people back what they lost from being injured. I personally suffer from a degenerative eye condition that causes blindness. Many people in my family have lost their sight from this condition. Nothing you could or would pay me, my grandfather, uncles or cousins, would ever be worth the loss of our eyesight. My Uncle and Godfather, tragically lost his life twenty years ago this week, when a truck recklessly hit his stopped SUV. No amount of money could ever replace him. It is ridiculous to even think money could do that. The same goes for you if you can’t walk, hear, see, work, run, or more simply, enjoy your day without back or neck pain. If you are in this position, you have my sincere empathy for your pain and your journey. And, if you are watching a loved one go through something, it may be as bad, if not worse. Yet, our civil justice system has no better way to “restore people” to where they were before an injury and damages were caused, other than money.

1. The Big Picture, Bottom-line Questions That Determine the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

With that said, the evaluation involves really math formulas with some variables. All of this, however, is based on two critical overarching ideas:
  1. What would a jury ultimately decide?
  2. Is your lawyer highly skilled, caring, urgent and aggressive enough to bring justice to you in front of a jury, AND does the insurance company believe that enough to settle the case for a just and fair resolution for you?
These first two variables, what the jury will likely decide and the quality of your lawyer, will create enormous variance in the jury verdicts and settlement values of your, and all, personal injury cases. The amount the jury will award can be assessed through computer programs that have tabulated jury verdicts in that judicial area (whether it be county, federal vicinage, or another geographic grouping). We will call the statistical, historical jury values “X” as a variable in assessing the value of a car accident or other injury case. The lawyer variable, in terms of persuasive skill overall, as well as caring, urgency, and aggression related to your specific case, we will call “Y.” Make no mistake. Lawyers are human beings and not robots. It is not only their skill that will dictate their impact on your outcome, but also their engagement with your particular case.

2. The Specifics of Your Car Accident or Personal Injury Case that Determine its “Value” also known as your “Damages.”

A significant number of factors determine the baseline “value” of your personal injury case:
  1. “Permanent Injuries” causing pain and suffering;
  2. “Permanent injuries” causing loss or change of activities;
  3. Non-Permanent pain and suffering and commensurate loss or impact on your life and activities;
  4. Loss of wages;
  5. Medical Bills (with some variance in car accident cases);
  6. Other economic losses; and
  7. Anything else caused by the accident not covered under the other categories and proximately caused by the accident.
This all, of course, is a very inexact science. Overall, your age is and prior injuries and accidents are very significant factors. Since the value of your case is based on “permanency,” how much longer your life expectancy obviously impacts how long you will experience pain, suffering, the loss of enjoyment from activities, incur additional medical bills, suffer lost wages, etc. One way to look at all of this is basically being compensated daily for your pain, suffering, and losses. This, of course, begs the question: how much is a day of pain worth? This is a very subjective analysis, which is impacted by the severity of your pain as well as how much the jury likes and empathizes with you. An extraordinarily important factor in how the jury connects with you and your injuries, pain, and suffering is the credibility and quality of your treating physicians. Your treating physician is the person who is going to tell the jury what the severity and permanency of your injuries are in the medical sense. This will form the basis for the jury assessing your credibility when you testify about how you feel and what you can and cannot do. Thus, not only having a tremendously skilled attorney is important, but also a credible, honest, authentic and skilled physician to not only treat you but also to explain to the jury what happened, is happening and will continue to happen to you.

3. Putting All of the Factors Together to Assess the Value of Your Car Accident or Other Personal Injury Case

In other articles and videos, we will do different case studies on valuing different types of cases. For purposes of this overview, it is critical to understand that whatever the 7 factors outlined above amount to, which we will call “Z” variable, the “X” and the “Y” variables of the jury and your lawyer must be multiplied by that number. If you have a Z value of $100,000, then you must multiply first by the “X” value of the juries in that geographic area. Some areas are “average”, while others give very “high” or “low” jury verdicts. These areas are known as either “plaintiff-friendly” (i.e., favorable generally to injury victims) or “low” (i.e., less favorable generally to injury victims). The Z variable can drastically impact the value of your case, however. Some attorneys, most, in fact, have little jury trial results. This is not their skill set. Worse yet, many attorneys take on injury cases with no intention of ever going to trial, and they will accept whatever the carrier offers. A person with great skill and specific caring, urgency, and aggression in your case can bring about wildly different outcomes. In one case, Callagy Law, with me, Sean Callagy, as lead counsel, made a settlement offer in a case for 3 million dollars. Our adversaries laughed at us. They had wildly undervalued the “Y” variable (i.e., our skill, caring, urgency and aggression). In fact, I believe they, coming from one of the biggest law firms in Arizona, had the “Y” variable very much on their side. After Callagy Law got a 27 million dollar jury verdict, in Arizona’s largest verdict of 2016, they were in shock. I was not. I knew we were dramatically more skilled and that we cared more about the specific case. Similarly, the head of our personal injury team, Hala Jaloudi, had a case that had a “Z” value of approximately $15,000. The insurance company did not want to pay anything. They offered ZERO. Many attorneys would have dropped that case. Hala did not. The carrier had wildly underestimated Hala and the “Y” variable she brought to the case. The result? A $300,000 verdict in a car accident case with $200 in property damage. In summary, three main variables impact what you will recover in your car accident or injury case. If you are hurt, go to a credible and caring physician who is competent and skilled in treating, and documenting, injuries related to a car accident. If you don’t like your physician, the jury probably will not either. You will pay the price for that. In addition, the skill, caring, urgency and aggression of your attorney is an extraordinarily important variable in what you will recover in a settlement or at trial. If you are injured or care about someone who is, call us now with any questions that you have even if you already have an attorney. Please also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for more great content on both the law and life happiness and success. God Bless. In your service, Sean R. Callagy

Attorney Advertising. This information is provided for entertainment purposes only. Since each case is different and laws and regulations change constantly in the legal world, this should not be construed as legal advice. Please note that online activity, interaction and/or communication does not form an attorney-client relationship.

Sean R. Callagy, Esq.

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