How much is my personal injury case worth in New Jersey?

How much is my personal injury case worth in New Jersey?


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Once upon a time, there was a person injured in a car accident. The insurance company, after a course of six months of medical treatment was completed, took the position, that the victim did not have a permanent injury under New Jersey’s verbal threshold law. The first great challenge when a neck and back injury is an issue for a car accident or personal injury victim is whether the lawyer is willing to try the case, and, establish to the jury that the car accident victim’s injuries satisfy New Jersey’s verbal threshold. Thus, the skill and reputation of your attorney in successfully handling verbal threshold New Jersey car accident cases is a key factor in how the insurance carrier values your verbal threshold car accident case.

What is the Verbal Threshold in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s verbal threshold law limits one’s rights to bring a personal injury lawsuit unless the victim or family can prove overwhelmingly that he or she suffers from injuries that meet a medical standard, called a threshold. Injuries that meet or exceed the threshold include:
  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Significant disfigurement
  • Significant scarring
  • Displaced fractures
  • Loss of one’s fetus
  • Permanent injury to a body part, organ, or both that will not heal with medical care

New Jersey Insurance Companies Will Fight

In a typical case, our injured car accident victim’s case will be valued at zero by the insurance company even if the doctor renders an opinion that the person has a permanent injury. There are a variety of factors that go into this evaluation. The challenge, though, is that insurance carriers claim that car accident victims have no injuries if they do not receive medical treatment. If they do receive medical treatment, however, then the carrier claims the car accident victim is only going to doctors that game the system in trying to beat the verbal threshold, line their own pockets and increase the value of the case for lawyers. This is a day to day ongoing war. The carriers work hard to send the propaganda filled message that all car accident victims who file lawsuits are fraudsters. And, insurance companies are multi-billion dollar corporations with massive resources to get their message out against lawyers, doctors, and injured car accident victims.

Location Matters in Your Personal Injury Case

Moreover, different counties in New Jersey have very different reputations. Bergen County has a very different reputation than Hudson County, which is different from Essex County. Thus, a car accident victim living in Paramus, all other factors being the same, will have a very different value put on his or her case than a car accident victim living in Jersey City. The larger message is to continue to educate the public about who is really harming consumers and victims of car accident cases. The more specific issue is: do not be discouraged by the verbal threshold in New Jersey or whether you live in Bergen County versus some other county. If you are injured in a car accident and will have lasting pain, you have a right to bring your claim and be compensated for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Does The Quality Of My Attorney Matter?

In our little once upon a time, my partner, Hala Jaloudi, Esq., had a case the insurance company valued at zero. Hala made a very reasonable settlement offer. The carrier said ZERO relying upon the verbal threshold. Hala Jaloudi, as a true warrior for justice, took the case to trial, even though many attorneys would never have The result? Hala got $300,000.00 for her client. What does that mean beyond that outstanding result for the car accident victim? It means that when dealing with insurance carriers, they know Callagy Law is ready to try verbal threshold cases and win. It means when negotiating with insurance companies who exist in a world of belittling every case that Callagy Law, through our caring, urgency and aggression, is able to confront the insurance company positions with confidence, truth and strength, to enter in a different pattern of thinking and reality. This, as we will be exploring in other content we produce for you, is critical in resolving cases. Helping to shift the reality of the other side and the insurance company that they do not hold all the power, but really the jury does in a verbal threshold case, along with the skilled attorney who is capable of educating the jury, is what true negotiations in a car accident case are all about. Many attorneys fear jury trials. Callagy Law does not. Aside from Hala’s wonderful ending for that car accident victim facing the verbal threshold, we have proudly obtained not one, but two top 100 National Jury Verdicts for our clients. Callagy Law, and Sean Callagy, were one of only two law firms in America to achieve this distinction between 2014 and 2016. More importantly, we want to leave our clients amazed and thrilled with our caring, urgency and aggression to achieve our mission of fundamentally changing the way people feel about attorneys.

Contact An Experienced New Jersey Car Accident Attorney at Callagy Law

So, if you have been injured in a car accident and are facing the verbal threshold, or have any legal question at all, please call me, Sean Callagy and Callagy Law, at 201-565-2344, now. Judge for yourself whether we are right for you. Please call now. In your service, Sean R. Callagy, Esq. Founder & President

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