Injuries from a 5 MPH Car Accident | Callagy Law

Injuries from a 5 MPH Car Accident | Callagy Law

Don’t be fooled by what appears to me a minor auto accident.  Even small accidents can cause injuries to the soft tissue.  Sometimes, people think they are fine after an accident, but later suffer from chronic pain. Soft tissue injuries can sneak up on you out of nowhere. These soft tissue injuries, moreover, can become permanent and haunt you for the rest of your life. At first, the pain will come and go.  Gradually, it will begin to worsen, and the patient might not even be sure what caused the injury, which is causing their pain.  It is common for a patient to remember an accident close in time to their first memory of the pain. The truth is, a very minor accident could be what is behind the pain, and the patient might not even recall the accident. To complicate matters, X-rays do not show a soft tissue injury.  As a result, emergency room doctors might incorrectly diagnose and treat the injury.  You may have a soft tissue injury if you are suffering from numbness, muscle spasms, stiffness, headaches, or tingling, neck or back pain.  You could experience difficulty sleeping, fatigue, and even difficulty in focusing. A soft tissue injury can also create an atlas misalignment, which can cause even more problems. The moral of the story is don’t take even a minor accident lightly.  If soft tissue injury is the result, it could cause you ongoing discomfort or worse.

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