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Hit and run crashes are on the rise in New Jersey. According to the State Police, there was a 37.9% increase in fatalities from 2013 – 2016. Among those killed are drivers, passengers, cyclists, and, most commonly, pedestrians. Experts believe this alarming trend is due, in large part, to distracted driving and texting. A hit and run is exactly what it sounds like: a driver strikes another vehicle or person and flees the scene. This is not only unconscionable, but it is also illegal. If you are the victim of such a driver, contact a top Jersey City hit and run attorney without delay. You do have options to pursue.

In New Jersey, leaving the scene of an accident is a serious offense. Even if the accident was minor – nothing more than a slight fender bender – drivers must remain on the scene. If no one was injured, you can exchange insurance information and go on your way. If there are injuries or fatalities, you must call – and wait for – the police. When drivers fail to do this, they face:

  • Fines of up to $5000
  • Up to six months in jail
  • Eight points on their driving record
  • License suspension for one year

If there are property damages and a driver flees, they can be penalized with:

  • Fines of up to $400
  • Up to one month in jail
  • Two points on their driving record
  • License suspension for 180 days

If there is a history of reckless driving, these penalties may be much more severe. Drivers and lose their insurance or see a significant premium increase.

Trust a Jersey City Hit and Run Attorney to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

It is a serious crime, and the injuries inflicted by a hit and run drivers are often severe. Our team of hit and run auto accident lawyers will discuss your options – whether or not the driver has been identified. It is, of course, easier to seek remedy when the driver is located. We can seek compensatory damages through their insurance company, and your personal injury protection insurance (PIP) will provide coverage for medical expenses and lost wages.

You can also exercise your unlimited right to sue or limited the right to sue.

  • Unlimited right to sue: this option will compensate you for the pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of the hit and run. The severity of the injury does not matter.
  • Limited right to sue: this option is available if you experience pain and suffering from one or more permanent injuries (e.g., losing a body part, severe disfigurement, etc.).

We will help you determine the best avenue to pursue in order to maximize compensation.

If the driver is not identified, your PIP coverage will cover your expenses up to its limit. It is a good idea to purchase uninsured motorist coverage as well. In this case, we will make sure your insurance carrier provides an adequate level of compensation for your injuries.

Contact an experienced Jersey City hit and run attorney to ensure your rights are protected – and that you have the compensation you need to recover and move forward.

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