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Property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure their properties are free of danger. Malls, stores, theaters, hotels, restaurants, and other areas that are frequented by the public must be “reasonably safe.” However, slips and falls are all too common. The best-case scenario is that you get embarrassed – and then get back up. But serious injuries can occur. If you have been injured, contact a top Jersey City slip and fall attorney to explore your options.

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Unfortunately, many people sustain injuries in fall-down accidents because property owners do not always do what they are obligated to do or what is right. Therefore, you or a loved one may have been hurt as a result of a dangerous and hazardous condition such as slippery floors, uneven sidewalks, failure to properly remove snow and ice, poor lighting, or other negligence.

Do You Have a Slip and Fall Claim?

If that is the case, the last thing you need to worry about is how to navigate the legal process. Trust an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer at Callagy Law to learn about your specific situation and determine what type of evidence is required to support your slip and fall injury claim. In fact, you can get started right away with this FREE Online Case Evaluation.

There are many different causes for slip and fall accidents, for example:

  • Wet floors
  • Recently waxed or mopped flooring
  • Uneven surfaces caused by loose floorboards, misaligned tiles, torn carpets, etc.
  • Debris in common areas
  • Weather-related conditions (e.g., icy parking lots)
  • Excessive potholes on sidewalks or walking surfaces

Why You Need a Jersey City Slip and Fall Attorney

Slips and falls are dealt with under “premises liability” laws. Property owners have a duty to provide a safe environment. If a person is using the property in the intended fashion (e.g., grocery shopping, walking through the parking lot), and they are injured, they may be able to take legal action.

If danger is obvious, property owners must take steps to warn visitors/users. For example, after mopping, you often see “Wet Floor” signs. If a parking lot is cracked or icy, you may see signs urging caution. The warning must be sufficient to alert people to the danger.

Some slip and fall injuries are relatively minor, but sprains and fractures can occur, as can serious injuries to the brain, neck, back, or spinal cord.

If you have been injured, contact a slip and fall accident lawyer at Callagy Law. Our Jersey City team has helped countless clients pursue the compensation they are owed. And your case may make the property safer so these accidents do not happen again. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation and possible solutions.

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