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When we send our children to daycare or school, when we pack them off to camp, church, or sports clubs, or when we deliver our elderly loved ones to the care of a home or senior center, we put a great deal of trust in the people who work there. And, in turn, they have a legal responsibility to supervise them in a responsible manner. While negligent supervision applies to the elderly, disabled people, and even employees to some extent, it is most often associated with the injuries of children. Contact a negligent supervision attorney in Jersey City without delay.

What does negligent supervision look like? If you send your child to daycare, for example, and the provider does not properly safeguard them from traffic, animals, chemicals, pools, etc., or if they allow them to do something dangerous or fail to prevent them from doing something dangerous, they may be liable under this area of the law.

Callagy Law’s team of personal injury attorneys have extensive expertise in negligent supervision cases. We will work with you to prove that the at-fault party owed a specific duty of care and that they failed to properly supervise the child (or other loved one). We will help you prove that the injury was a direct result of this failure and that a “reasonable” caregiver could have foreseen and prevented the incident.

Depending on the age and needs of the injured person, as well as the role of the supervisor, the difficulty in proving these elements can differ significantly. You need an experienced negligent supervision attorney in Jersey City on your side. We will fight tirelessly and aggressively for you: when you trust someone with your loved ones, particularly your children, and they fail you, it should not be tolerated. We will ensure that you hold them accountable, and your case may prevent other vulnerable people from being hurt. Contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Callagy Law today for a free consultation.

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