One Can't Ethically Say They're the Best Accident Attorney in Jersey City, NJ

But the Proof Is in Our Lawyer Reviews

"I googled lawyers in the area in 2018 from my car accident. I was a little nervous at first Inessa made me feel comfortable from beginning to end as well as the staff everyone was polite, courtesy and most important the communication was awesome. If anyone looking for a good lawyer with an amazing team look no further."- LaKisha Sconiers-Illa

"Hala Jaloudi is a great and honest lawyer. She is so professional and cares so much about her clients. I felt that all my needs were met. She answered all my calls, and addressed all my concerns. Also my case settled for a lot more than I ever expected. I had a great experience. "- Sultan Abu-Amair

"Halal Jaloudi was the most amazing attorney you could hire. Finally, an attorney that gets the job done."- Mike Cruz

"I found this law firm from a close family friend who told me about Callagy Law, and I have not been happier to move forward with them. My lawyer was Hala and she was incredible! I would recommend her over and over to whoever needs a lawyer. They were with me every step of the way and I called Hala for every question and she was only a phone call away! They made me feel so important and that my case and my injuries mattered! We also settled for more than double the amount that I had thought which was amazing! I would come back for anything that I need advice and help with"- luis rodriguez

"Attorney Hala Jaloudi and Paralegal Inessa Goldman at Callagy Law PC are professional, honest, and attentive. I would highly recommend them. I am very happy with the results!"- Johnnie Mozingo

"I have recently retained Hala Jaloudi as my attorney. She is very professional and caring. I feel secure knowing that she will look out for my best interest. She always responds to my phone calls and questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend her!"- Annie Marini

"Hala Jaloudi the best lawyer in New Jersey, she is helpful and explains everything you would need to know... my husband and I will feel comfortable and know she helps us out in anyway she can.. if I can rate Hala Jaloudi 100 stars I would!!!!"- Sahar Dairi

"Amazing service and fallow up!! Thank you so much Inessa and Hala really made me feel comfortable and safe having you and the Callagy Law Team represent me. Thank you."- Amir Kopman

"Hala A. Jaloudi and Inessa Goldman of CALLAGY LAW did an amazing job and helped me with all my needs. They are an amazing team. Not only are they knowledgeable and professional but they truly care about there clients."- Ariy Rabinovich

"I just started using Callagy Law. So far Ms. Inessa Goldman was always available, nice and reachable every time I need lawyer H.Jaloudi .Ms. Goldman knows what she doing and very helpful."- Angie Stiritz

"I had gotten into a small incident and was very badly injured. A friend recommended me to the Callagy Law firm and it was the best suggestion ever. I've been working with Inessa Goldman on my case, and I feel very confident in her abilities. She's very professional and helpful. If I have any questions, she is quick to respond and explain things in an easy to understand way. She's always checking in to see how I'm doing and they really know how to make you feel like you matter. Her concern is very genuine, and for that, I am grateful to have picked Callagy Law."- Alvin

"Hala Jaloudi at Callagy Law is fantastic. She was very responsive to my inquiries and kept us informed throughout our complicated legal matter. Highly recommended!!"- Joe Salameh

"Outstanding attorney! I became acquainted with Hala Jaloudi at Callagy Law when I contacted her to take my fathers case.We met to discuss the extremely complicated issues in the case. I was very impressed with Ms.Jaloudi’s professionalism and ability to address all of our issues and concerns. The environment at Callagy firm was very friendly and professional. When ever I call the firm with any questions, Hala is always available to speak to. After knowing Ms.Jaloudi and working with her, I can honestly say, she is dedicated, passionate and committed. I consider myself very lucky to have Ms. Jaloudi and Callagy law on my side!!!"- Sandy Margie

"Hala A. Jaloudi is an amazing lawyer. She helped and met all of my needs. She is incredibly caring and understanding Everyone in the firm was also extremely professional and caring. This firm makes you feel like they really are on your side. Best experience by far."- Eva Mojica

"The team at Callagy Law really cares about you as a person and client, listens to your concerns and are the best attorneys I have ever used !! 5 stars for sure! WOULD AND HAVE RECCOMENDED!"- olivia sullivan

"If I could put ten stars I would !!! Callagy law family is oriented firm who are caring and aggressive in helping you with anything you need! I know I could never go wrong by coming to the callagy law firm ! #teamcallagylaw ❤"- Deja Brito

"Family atmosphere. Any of the attorneys will take you by the hand through your situation and give you the best outcome for your case."- Xiomara Torres

"Sean and the team provide outstanding, attentive service and objective advice. I dealt with the Callagy Law team during an awful period, and they provided calm and measured guidance throughout the 2.5-year ordeal."- Brett Stenhouse

"Great Law firm , very friendly and helpful staff. They stand by my side with all their knowledge and experience, thank you ."- Jose Nilo

"Everyone was very professional but also sensitive and caring towards me during a difficult and trying time. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal counsel."- Judith Dattoli

"I love that they are very knowledgeable and listen to your concerns. And help you every step of the way."- ruth nunez

"Alot of hard working incredibly caring people work here both"- Christian Engel

"Awesome environment. Changed the way I thought about lawyers and law firms."- Antonette Graziadio

"Dreaded going through the process but the family law department made it as painless as possible. Thanks!!"- Jonathan Vargas

"Great firm very professional, responsive and they deliver excellent results."- Debbie Fischer

"This company is made up of hard working dedicated people!"- Sabrina Castle

"Very happy with Callagy Law. I would definitely recommend them."- Lori McNeill

"Callagy Law’s team work will make your dream work."- Analyce Salgado

"great company with passionate, driven team members."- Carly Muhlhahn

"Very professional and welcoming."- Danelle Seda

"Best litigants in the business."- James Byrne

"Definitely caring, urgent, and aggressive."- Henryk Maliborski


"Highly recommended!"- Dominick Capone

"Like an extension of the family and very professional!"- Patti Castle

"gotta love Callagy!"- Kin F

"Very large law firm with a very personal feel. Totally satisfied!"- Mary Vocaturo Digori

"Thanks for everything!!!!!"- Alexandra Mancuso

"Great atmosphere, and you can tell the people care."- Miguel Figueredo

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